Options for error checking and debugging

Table 29. Options for error checking
Option name Type Default Description
-qcheck -qopt -qnocheck Generates code which performs certain types of runtime checking.
-qmaxerr -qopt -qnomaxerr Instructs the compiler to halt compilation when a specified number of errors of specified or greater severity is reached.
-qwarn64 -qopt -qnowarn64 Enables checking for possible data conversion problems between 32-bit and 64-bit compiler modes.

Table 30. Options for debugging
Option name Type Default Description
-g -flag - Generates debugging information for use by a debugger such as the IBM Debugger for AIX, Version 3.1.
C only -qdbxextra -qopt -qnodbxextra Specifies that all typedef declarations, struct, union, and enum type definitions are included for debugger processing.
-qextchk -qopt -qnoextchk Generates bind-time type checking information and checks for compile-time consistency.
-qfullpath -qopt -qnofullpath Specifies what path information is stored for files when you use the -g option.
-qheapdebug -qopt -qnoheapdebug Enables debug versions of memory management functions.
-qlinedebug -qopt -qnolinedebug Generates abbreviated line number and source file name information for the debugger.
C only -qsymtab -qopt - Determines what information appears in the symbol table.

Table 31. Options for profiling
Option name Type Default Description
-p -flag - Sets up the object files produced by the compiler for profiling.
-pg -flag - Sets up the object files for profiling, but provides more information than is provided by the -p option.
-qdpcl -qopt -qnodpcl Generates block scopes to support the IBM(R) Dynamic Probe Class Library.

Table 32. Other error checking and debugging options
Option name Type Default Description
C only -qgenproto -qopt -qnogenproto Produces ANSI prototypes from K&R function definitions.
-qinitauto -qopt -qnoinitauto Initializes automatic storage to a specified two-digit hexadecimal byte value.
-qkeepparm -qopt -qnokeepparm Ensures that function parameters are stored on the stack even if the application is optimized.
C only -qproto -qopt -qnoproto Assumes all functions are prototyped.
-qtbtable -qopt See -qtbtable. Sets traceback table characteristics.