Options that control input

Table 8. Options for standards compliance
Option name Type Default Description
-qlanglvl -qopt See -qlanglvl. Selects the C or C++ language level for compilation.

Table 9. Options for language extensions
Option name Type Default Description
-qaltivec -qopt -qnoaltivec Enables compiler support for VMX vector data types.
-qasm -qopt -qasm=gcc Controls the interpretation of and subsequent code generation for asm statements.
-qdigraph -qopt See -qdigraph. Enables the use of digraph character sequences in your program source.
-qdollar -qopt -qnodollar Allows the $ symbol to be used in the names of identifiers.
-qkeyword -qopt See -qkeyword. Controls whether a specified string is treated as a keyword or an identifier.
-qmacpstr -qopt -qnomacpstr Converts Pascal string literals into null-terminated strings where the first byte contains the length of the string.
C only -qpascal -qopt -qnopascal Ignores the word pascal in type specifiers and function declarations.
-qtrigraph -qopt See -qtrigraph. Enables the use of trigraph character sequences in your program source.
-qutf -qopt -qnoutf Enables recognition of UTF literal syntax.

Table 10. Options for search paths
Option name Type Default Description
C++ only -qcinc -qopt -qnocinc Instructs the compiler to place an extern "C" { } wrapper around the contents of an include file.
C++ only-qcpp_stdinc -qopt - Changes the standard search location for the C++ headers.
-I -flag - Specifies an additional search path for #include filenames that do not specify an absolute path.
-qidirfirst -qopt -qnoidirfirst Specifies the search order for files included with the #include " file_name" directive.
-qstdinc -qopt -qstdinc Specifies which files are included with #include <file_name> and #include " file_name" directives.

Table 11. Other input options
Option name Type Default Description
C++ only -+ (plus sign) -flag - Compiles any file, filename.nnn, as a C++ language file, where nnn is any suffix other than .o, .a, or .s.
-C -flag - Preserves comments in preprocessed output.
C only -qcpluscmt -qopt See -qcpluscmt. Enables the recognition of C++ comments in C source files.
-D -flag - Defines the identifier name as in a #define preprocessor directive.
-qmbcs, -qdbcs -qopt -qnombcs, -qnodbcs Enables the recognition of multibyte characters in source code.
-qignprag -qopt - Instructs the compiler to ignore certain pragma statements.
C only -qsyntaxonly -qopt - Causes the compiler to perform syntax checking without generating an object file.
-qsourcetype -qopt -qsourcetype=default Instructs the compiler to treat all source files as if they are the source type specified by this option, regardless of actual source filename suffix.
-U -flag - Undefines a specified identifier defined by the compiler or by the -D option.