Options that control integer and floating-point processing

Table 36. Options for integer and floating-point control
Option name Type Default Description
-qfloat -qopt See -qfloat. Specifies various floating point options to speed up or improve the accuracy of floating point operations.
-qflttrap -qopt -qnoflttrap Generates extra instructions to detect and trap floating point exceptions.
-qldbl128, -qlongdouble -qopt -qnoldbl128 Increases the size of long double type from 64 bits to 128 bits.
-qlonglit -qopt -qnolonglit Makes unsuffixed literals the long type for 64-bit mode.
-qlonglong -qopt See -qlonglong. Allows long long types in your program.
-y -flag - Specifies the compile-time rounding mode of constant floating-point expressions.