Table 37. Options for linker input control
Option name Type Default Description
-e -flag - Specifies the entry name for the shared object. Equivalent to using ld -e name.
-f -flag - Names a file to store a list of object files.
-Z -flag - Specifies a search path for library names.

Table 38. Options for linker output control
Option name Type Default Description
-b -flag -bdynamic Instructs the linker to process subsequent shared objects as either dynamic, shared or static.
-bmaxdata -flag -bmaxdata=0 Sets the size of the heap in bytes.
-brtl -flag - Enables runtime linking.
-G -flag - Linkage editor (ld command) option only. Generates a dynamic library file.
-qmkshrobj -qopt - Creates a shared object from generated object files.

Table 39. Other linker options
Option name Type Default Description
-qinlglue -qopt -qnoinlglue Generates fast external linkage by inlining the pointer glue code necessary to make a call to an external function or a call through a function pointer.
C++ only -qpriority -qopt - Specifies the priority level for the initialization of static objects.
C++ only -qtwolink -qopt -qnotwolink Minimizes the number of static constructors included from libraries.