gxlc and gxlc++ syntax

The following diagram shows the gxlc and gxlc++ syntax:

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram>>-+-gxlc---+--+------+--+-----------------------------+--+--------------------+--filename-><
   '-gxlc++-'  +- -v--+  '- -Wx,--xlc_or_xlc++_options-'  '-gcc_or_g++_options-'
               '- -vv-'


Is the name of the file to be compiled.
Allows you to verify the command that will be used to invokeXL C/C++. gxlc or gxlc++ displays theXL C/C++ invocation command that it has created, before using it to invoke the compiler.
Allows you to run a simulation. gxlc or gxlc++ displays the XL C/C++ invocation command that it has created, but does not invoke the compiler.
Sends the given XL C/C++ options directly to the xlc or xlc++ invocation command. gxlc or gxlc++ adds the given options to the XL invocation it is creating, without attempting to translate them. Use this option with knownXL C/C++ options to improve the performance of the utility. Multiple xlc_or_xlc++_options use a comma delimiter.
Are the gcc or g++ options that are to be translated to xlc or xlc++ options. The utility emits a warning for any option it cannot translate. The gcc and g++ options that are currently recognized by gxlc and gxlc++ are listed in the configuration file gxlc.cfg. Multiple gcc_or_g++_options are delimited by the space character.

For a complete list of GNU C and C++ and XL C/C++ option mapping, refer to:


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