Enables compiler support for vector data types.


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>>- -q--+-altivec---+------------------------------------------><


The AltiVec Programming Interface specification describes a set of vector data types and operators. This option instructs the compiler to support vector data types and operators and has effect only when -qarch is set or implied to be a target architecture that supports VMX instructions and the -qenablevmx compiler option is in effect. Otherwise, the compiler will ignore -qaltivec and issue a warning message.

Also, if -qnoenablevmx option is in effect. the compiler will ignore -qaltivec and issue a warning message

When -qaltivec is in effect, the following macros are defined:


To enable compiler support for the vector programming, enter:

xlc myprogram.c -qenablevmx -qarch=ppc970 -qaltivec
In the above example, you should explicitly specify -qenablevmx, otherwise; -qaltivec will be ignored.

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