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Requests the compiler to apply aliasing assertions to your compilation unit. The compiler will take advantage of the aliasing assertions to improve optimizations where possible.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram        .-noassert-----------------.
>>- -q--+-assert--=--+-typeptr---+-+---------------------------><

where available aliasing options include:

noassert No aliasing assertions are applied.
ASSert=TYPeptr Pointers to different types are never aliased. In other words, in the compilation unit no two pointers of different types will point to the same storage location.
ASSert=ALLPtrs Pointers are never aliased (this implies -qassert=typeptr). Therefore, in the compilation unit, no two pointers will point to the same storage location.
ASSert=ADDRtaken Variables are disjoint from pointers unless their address is taken. Any class of variable for which an address has not been recorded in the compilation unit will be considered disjoint from indirect access through pointers.

See also #pragma options.


This option is obsolete. Use -qalias in your new applications.

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