Produces a compiler listing that includes an attribute listing for all identifiers.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram        .-noattr------------.
>>- -q--+-attr--+---------+-+----------------------------------><


-qnoattr Does not produce an attribute listing for identifiers in the program.
-qattr=full Reports all identifiers in the program.
-qattr Reports only those identifiers that are used.

See also #pragma options.


This option does not produce a cross-reference listing unless you also specify -qxref.

The -qnoprint option overrides this option.

If -qattr is specified after -qattr=full, it has no effect. The full listing is produced.


To compile the program myprogram.C and produce a compiler listing of all identifiers, enter:

xlc++ myprogram.C -qxref -qattr=full

A typical cross-reference listing has the form:

Cross-reference listing format

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