Determines substitute path names for programs such as the compiler, assembler, linkage editor, and preprocessor.


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        '-prefix-'  '-program-'

where program can be a compiler component or a program name recognized by the -t compiler option.


If -B is specified but prefix is not, the default prefix is /lib/o. If -Bprefix is not specified at all, the prefix of the standard program names is /lib/n.

If -B is specified but -tprograms is not, the default is to construct path names for all the standard program names.


The optional prefix defines part of a path name to the new programs. The compiler does not add a / between the prefix and the program name.

To form the complete path name for each program, IBM(R) XL C/C++ adds prefix to the standard program names for the compiler, assembler, editor and preprocessor.

Use this option if you want to keep multiple levels of some or all of IBM XL C/C++ executables and have the option of specifying which one you want to use.

If -Bprefix is not specified, the default path is used.

-B -tprograms specifies the programs to which the -B prefix name is to be appended.

The -Bprefix -tprograms options override the -Fconfig_file option.


To compile myprogram.C using a substitute xlc++ compiler in /lib/tmp/mine/ enter:

xlc++ myprogram.C -B/lib/tmp/mine/ -tc

To compile myprogram.C using a substitute editor in /lib/tmp/mine/, enter:

xlc++ myprogram.C -B/lib/tmp/mine/ -tl

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