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Changes the standard search location for the C++ headers.


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>>- -q--cpp_stdinc--=----path-+--------------------------------><


The standard search path for C++ headers is determined by the -qcpp_stdinc. If this compiler option is not specified or specifies an empty string, the default header file search path is used. You can find the default search path for this option in the compiler default configuration file.

If this option is specified more than once, only the last instance of the option is used by the compiler. To specify multiple directories for a search path, specify this option once, using a : (colon) to separate multiple search directories.

This option is ignored if the -qnostdinc option is in effect.


To make mypath/headers1 and mypath/headers2 the standard search path, enter:

xlc++ myprogram.C -qcpp_stdinc=mypath/headers1:mypath/headers2

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