C++ only


Controls whether exception handling is enabled in the module being compiled.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram        .-eh--+-----------+-.
        |     |    .-v5-. | |
        |     '-=--+-v6-+-' |
>>- -q--+-noeh--------------+----------------------------------><


v5 Instructs the compiler to generate exception handing code that is compatible with VisualAge C++ V5.0.
v6 Instructs the compiler to generate new exception handing code, compatible with VisualAge C++ V6.0, that correctly handles try-catch blocks nested within other catch blocks.
-qeh Exception handling is enabled. If -qeh is specified without any suboption, -qeh=v5 is assumed.
-qnoeh If your program does not use C++ structured exception handling, compile with -qnoeh to prevent generation of code that is not needed by your application.


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