Specifies the minimum severity level of diagnostic messages to be reported in a listing and displayed on a terminal. The diagnostic messages display with their associated sub-messages.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram                  (1)              (2)
               .--------i-.     .--------i-.
>>- -qflag--=--+-w--------+--:--+-w--------+-------------------><
               +-e--------+     +-e--------+
               +-s--------+     +-s--------+
               '-u--------'     '-u--------'

  1. Minimum severity level messages reported in listing
  2. Minimum severity level messages reported on terminal

where message severity levels are:

severity Description
i Information
w Warning
e Error
s Severe error
u Unrecoverable error

See also #pragma options.


You must specify a minimum message severity level for both listing and terminal reporting.

Specifying informational message levels does not turn on the -qinfo option.


To compile myprogram.C so that the listing shows all messages that were generated and your workstation displays only error and higher messages (with their associated information messages to aid in fixing the errors), enter:

xlc++ myprogram.C -qflag=i:e

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