Generates fast external linkage by inlining the pointer glue code necessary to make a call to an external function or a call through a function pointer.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram        .-noinlglue-.
>>- -q--+-inlglue---+------------------------------------------><

See also #pragma options.


Glue code, generated by the linkage editor, is used for passing control between two external functions, or when you call functions through a pointer. It is also used to implement C++ virtual function calls. Therefore the -qinlglue option only affects function calls through pointers or calls to an external compilation unit. For calls to an external function, you should specify that the function is imported by using, for example, the -qprocimported option.

On selected architectures, the inlining of glue code is automated through the selection of hardware performance tuning options. Specifying -q64 and -qtune=pwr4,-qtune=pwr5, -qtune=ppc970, or -qtune=auto on a system that uses one of these architectures, automatically enables -qinlglue.

Inlining glue code can cause the code size to grow. The option -qcompact reduces code size, but it should be noted that -qcompact overrides -qinlglue, regardless of other options specified.

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