Generates line number and source file name information for the debugger.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram        .-nolinedebug-.
>>- -q--+-linedebug---+----------------------------------------><


This option produces minimal debugging information, so the resulting object size is smaller than that produced if the -g debugging option is specified. You can use the debugger to step through the source code, but you will not be able to see or query variable information. The traceback table, if generated, will include line numbers.

Avoid using this option with -O (optimization) option. The information produced may be incomplete or misleading.

If you specify the -qlinedebug option, the inlining option defaults to -Q! (no functions are inlined).

The -g option overrides the -qlinedebug option. If you specify -g -qnolinedebug on the command line, -qnolinedebug is ignored and the following warning is issued:

1506-... (W) Option -qnolinedebug is incompatible with option -g and is ignored


To compile myprogram.c to produce an executable program testing so you can step through it with a debugger, enter:

xlc myprogram.c -o testing -qlinedebug

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