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Sets the type of object model.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram                     .-classic-.
>>- -q--objmodel--=--+-ibm-----+-------------------------------><

where choices for object model are:

-qobjmodel=classic Uses the object model compatible with version 3.6 of IBM C and C++ Compilers. This suboption can also be specified using the legacy suboption name of -qobjmodel=compat, but support for this legacy suboption name may be removed in future releases of the compiler.
-qobjmodel=ibm Uses the object model introduced with version 5.0 of VisualAge C++ for AIX. Objects compiled with this object model will use less memory and have better performance for deep inheritance with virtual bases.

See also #pragma object_model.


To compile myprogram.C with the ibm object model, enter:

xlc++ myprogram.C -qobjmodel=ibm

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