-# (pound sign)


Traces the compilation without invoking anything. This option previews the compilation steps specified on the command line. When the xlc++ command is issued with this option, it names the programs within the preprocessor, compiler, and linkage editor that would be invoked, and the options that would be specified to each program. The preprocessor, compiler, and linkage editor are not invoked.


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Use this command to determine the commands and files that will be involved in a particular compilation. It avoids the overhead of compiling the source code and overwriting any existing files, such as .lst files. Information is displayed to standard output.

This option displays the same information as -v, but does not invoke the compiler. The -# option overrides the -v option.


To preview the steps for the compilation of the source file myprogram.c, enter:

xlc myprogram.c -#

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