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Specifies the priority level for the initialization of static objects.


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number Is the initialization priority level assigned to the static objects within a file, or the priority level of a shared or non-shared file or library.

You can specify a priority level from -(2147483647 + 1) (highest priority) to +2147483647 (lowest priority).

If not specified, the default priority level is 0.

See also #pragma priority and #pragma options.


To compile the file myprogram.C to produce an object file myprogram.o so that objects within that file have an initialization priority of 2000, enter:

 xlc++ myprogram.C -c -qpriority=2000

All objects in the resulting object file will be given an initialization priority of 2000, provided that the source file contains no #pragma priority(number) directives specifying a different priority level.

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