Prevents the specified compiler or driver informational or warning messages from being displayed or added to the listings.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram>>- -q--+-suppress--+----------------+------+------------------><
        |           |    .-:-------. |      |
        |           |    V         | |      |
        |           '-=----msg_num-+-'      |
        |  (1)                              |
        |                       .-:-------. |
        |  (2)                  V         | |

  1. C only
  2. C++ only


This option suppresses compiler messages only, and has no effect on linker or operating system messages.

To suppress IPA messages, enter -qsuppress before -qipa on the command line.

Compiler messages that cause compilation to stop, such as (S) and (U) level messages, or other messages depending on the setting of the -qhalt compiler option, cannot be suppressed. For example, if the -qhalt=w compiler option is set, warning messages will not be suppressed by the -qsuppress compiler option.

The -qnosuppress compiler option cancels previous settings of -qsuppress.


If your program normally results in the following output:

"myprogram.C", line 1.1:1506-224 (I) Incorrect #pragma ignored

you can suppress the message by compiling with:

xlc++ myprogram.C -qsuppress=1506-224

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