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Settings for this option determine what information appears in the symbol table.


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unref Specifies that all typedef declarations, struct, union, and enum type definitions are included for processing by the IBM Debugger for AIX Debugger.

Use this option with the -g option to produce additional debugging information for use with the debugger.

When you specify the -g option, debugging information is included in the object file. To minimize the size of object and executable files, the compiler only includes information for symbols that are referenced. Debugging information is not produced for unreferenced arrays, pointers, or file-scope variables unless -qsymtab=unref is specified.

Using -qsymtab=unref may make your object and executable files larger.

static Adds user-defined, nonexternal names that have a persistent storage class, such as initialized and uninitialized static variables, to the name list (the symbol table of xcoff objects).

The default is to not add static variables to the symbol table. 


To compile myprogram.c so that static symbols are added to the symbol table, enter:

xlc myprogram.c -qsymtab=static

To include all symbols in myprogram.c in the symbols table for use with a debugger, enter:

xlc myprogram.c -g -qsymtab=unref

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