Adds the prefix specified by the -B option to the designated programs.


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where programs are:

Program Description
c Compiler front end
b Compiler back end
p Compiler preprocessor
a Assembler
I Interprocedural analysis tool - compile phase
L Interprocedural analysis tool - link phase
l Linkage editor
E CreateExportList utility
m Linkage helper


If -B is specified but prefix is not, the default prefix is /lib/o. If -Bprefix is not specified at all, the prefix of the standard program names is /lib/n.

If -B is specified but -tprograms is not, the default is to construct path names for all the standard program names.


To compile myprogram.c so that the name /u/newones/compilers/ is prefixed to the compiler and assembler program names, enter:

xlc myprogram.c -B/u/newones/compilers/ -tca

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