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Generates separate template include files for template functions and class declarations, and places these files in a directory which can be optionally specified.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram        .-tempinc--+--------------+-.
        |          '-=--directory-' |
>>- -q--+-notempinc-----------------+--------------------------><


The -qtempinc and -qtemplateregistry compiler options are mutually exclusive. Specifying -qtempinc implies -qnotemplateregistry. Similarly, specifying -qtemplateregistry implies -qnotempinc. However, specifying -qnotempinc does not imply -qtemplateregistry.

Specifying either -qtempinc or -qtemplateregistry implies -qtmplinst=auto.

When you specify -qtempinc, the compiler assigns a value of 1 to the __TEMPINC__ macro. This assignment will not occur if -qnotempinc has been specified.


To compile the file myprogram.c and place the generated include files for the template functions in the /tmp/mytemplates directory, enter:

 xlc++ myprogram.C -qtempinc=/tmp/mytemplates

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