Tailoring a configuration file

The default configuration file is installed to /etc/vac.cfg.

You can copy this file and make changes to the copy to support your specific compilation requirements or to support other C or C++ compilation environments.

You can modify existing stanzas or add new stanzas to a configuration file. For example, to make -qnoro the default for the xlC compiler invocation command, add -qnoro to the xlC stanza in your copied version of the configuration file.

You can link the compiler invocation command to several different names. The name you specify when you invoke the compiler determines which stanza of the configuration file the compiler uses. You can add other stanzas to your copy of the configuration file to customize your own compilation environment. You can use the -F option with the compiler invocation command to make links to select additional stanzas or to specify a specific stanza in another configuration file. For example:

xlc myfile.c -Fmyconfig:SPECIAL

would compile myfile.c using the SPECIAL stanza in a myconfig.cfg configuration file that you had created.