Setting other environment variables

Before using the compiler, ensure the following environment variables are set.

LANG Specifies the national language for message and help files.

The LANG environment variable can be set to any of the locales provided on the system. See the description of locales in AIX General Programming Concepts for more information.

The national language code for United States English is en_US. If the appropriate message catalogs have been installed on your system, any other valid national language code can be substituted for en_US.

To determine the current setting of the national language on your system, use the following echo command:

echo $LANG
MALLOCALIGN=16 Specifies that dynamic memory allocations return 16-byte aligned addresses.
MANPATH Optionally specifies the directory search path for finding man pages. MANPATH must contain before the default man path.
NLSPATH Specifies the path name of the message and help files.

To determine the current setting of NLSPATH variable on your system, use the following echo command:

OBJECT_MODE Optionally specifies the default compilation mode to be either 32 or 64 bits.
PATH Specifies the directory search path for the executable files of the compiler.
PDFDIR Optionally specifies the directory in which the profile data file is created. The default value is unset, and the compiler places the profile data file in the current working directory. Setting this variable to an absolute path is recommended for profile-directed feedback.
TMPDIR Optionally specifies the directory in which temporary files are created. The default location, /tmp, may be inadequate at high levels of optimization, where paging and temporary files can require significant amounts of disk space.
XL_NOCLONEARCH Instruct the program to only execute the generic code, where generic code is the code that is not versioned for an architecture. XL_NOCLONEARCH environment variable is not set by default, you can set it for debugging purposes in your application.
The LANG and NLSPATH environment variables are initialized when the operating system is installed, and might differ from the ones you want to use.

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